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We’re open for business again! Yay!!!

It was a bit of a slog, which involved a smattering of late evenings, a light dusting of patience, a moderate seasoning of creativity and a healthy dollop of hard work.

But we got there in the end.

After four days of refurbishments, we’re open for business, serving all your favourite teas, coffees, light lunches and our signature Afternoon Tea over the Easter bank holiday weekend.

As part of the improvements, we’ve made our preparation area more spacious, meaning we can launch our new menu very shortly – so watch this space!

If you pop by before or on Easter Monday, you’ll notice a giant Easter egg, which we’re raffling off for charity. You can enter the raffle for free simply by registering on our website. Be absolutely assured – we will not spam you or use your email address at all. We’ll just ask you once – politely – whether you’d like to hear from us when we’ve made a new film, posted a blog, when we’ve got some news or when we’d like to give you the opportunity to write a review of our shop or of an individual product.

If the answer’s no, we won’t bother you again ūüôā

Back to the giant egg – you can view our YouTube film of it being made here.

In the meantime, please feel free to book a table so you can be sure of being one of our first customers to take advantage of our new look!


Tea shop to get a make-over

Metrodeco is undergoing an exciting refurbishment project over the next few days that will allow us to introduce a fuller and more varied menu in time for spring.

At the moment it looks like a giant has picked up the building, given it a good shake with both hands, dripped some paint through the door and put it back again.

But we’re hopeful you’ll like the final result.

Thanks to the tea shop’s growing popularity, we’re able to invest in the¬†equipment and space¬†we need to bring greater choice and service to our customers, including a larger preparation area.

This means we’ll be closed until¬†Friday April 2nd.¬†We apologise¬†for any inconvenience but we hope you’ll agree the improvements are worth the short period of disruption.

We’re hoping to launch our new menu after Easter so look out for news on the website.

In the meantime, please feel free to book a table so you can be sure of being one of our first customers to take advantage of the new look!

Making a monster Easter egg

Metrodeco's Helen with our giant egg

It’s a chocoholic’s dream.

We’ve just had¬†an enormous¬†Easter egg made for the tea shop –¬†and it could be yours for free!

It’s currently nestled in a corner waiting to be raffled off for charity but you can get a free ticket simply by registering on our website. Don’t worry, we promise not to spam you but we’ll ask you once by email if you want to be informed when we write blogs, make videos or have some interesting news.

Back to the egg – it was hand-crafted, stands at almost a metre tall and weighs as much as a small child.

To make it, chocolatier Holly Caulfield, from Hove-based Chocoholly, poured coat after coat of liquid chocolate into a giant mould which was specially-manufactured. You can see that amazing process on our YouTube video.

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Nick Griffin and me: Question Time at the tea shop

Hateful Nick Griffin

Hateful Nick Griffin

Very recently, BNP leader Nick Griffin strolled into Metrodeco, quite the thing.

He nodded at some of our regulars, leaned nonchalantly back into his armchair and ordered a smoked salmon sandwich and a Chrysler Breakfast Tea (‚ÄúWhite, please love. Not black, definitely not black‚Ķ‚ÄĚ).

He could have been any other customer. His unfashionable Hitleresque barnet was, perhaps, a little unusual in this voguish part of Brighton ‚Äď but he was, well, normal. In fact, despite recent publicity, I didn‚Äôt even recognise him until he unfolded a copy of the Daily Mail. Continue reading

Metrodeco’s first blog – not about Jordan or Peter Andre

Ahem! Hello and welcome to Metrodeco’s first blog. There, I’ve said it…20 long weeks after I first hoped to utter those words. You see, 20 weeks is about the length of time since we opened our art deco tea salon and antiques shop so I suppose you could say it’s taken us a while to get round to this online/blogging shenanigans.

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