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Free tea for a year! And the winner is….

Okay the judges are retiring to consider your suggestions for the name of our new vanilla and rhubarb rooibos tea.

As we explained here, the winner will get a free Afternoon Tea for two (worth £28), a gourmet pouch of tea emblazoned with the winning name (worth about £5) and a free pot of that blend whenever they visit Metrodeco in the next year.

There were so many excellent entries, our panel of experts has asked for an extra 24 hours to deliberate.

Don’t be frightened to try and sway their decision in the comments section below!

So – in no particular order – here are the choices: Continue reading


Why I love Green tea (and my visit to an Indian plantation)


I suppose it goes without saying that I really like green tea and its health benefits.

Of course I do, I co-own a tea rooms.

But I guess you probably don’t quite appreciate just how much I love the nation’s favourite drink.

It’s not just the taste.

I adore the light perfume of some leaves and the dense, woody aroma of others. I love the flirtatious, glitzy pinks and lip-stick reds of our infusions and sunset ambers of our breakfast teas as you pour them into gleaming white China cups. I love the feeling of slap-your-face freshness after a slurp of mint tea and the sweet, spicy warmth of a nice masala chai.

Helen takes in the sights of Pushkar, India

There’s a blend or leaf for almost every occasion and mood.

So when my partner suggested India as a holiday destination, which is, of course, a major grower of tea, I had to go and see how this wonderful, healthy drink makes its way from a plantation into our cups. (There’s a link to a short film of the trip at the end of this blog).

I already knew a bit about the process – from reading books and websites and talking to Metrodeco’s Master Blender, Alex Probyn, who would have a black belt in tea if it were a martial art.

But it was an enriching experience to stroll in a plantation in the shadow of the Himalayas with the sun on my back. It was equally fascinating to visit a co-operative factory, where we chatted to the growers, tasters, packers and quality control experts.

Anyway, without further ado: here’s a short film of our trip (which had an especially happy ending because my partner, Michael, proposed and we’re getting married in autumn).

Helen, co-owner, Metrodeco