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Hardly Amy Winehouse…the debut music video of a Brighton cafe!

Okay, it’s hardly Amy Winehouse…but there can’t be many small tea shops on the South Coast of England who have released a music video. Besides, we think Brighton-based singer/songwriter and comedienne Hannah Brackenbury, who penned the track recently after a visit, is as good as any of the current crop of British singers. Honest 🙂

This is the first rough cut of The Metrodeco Song – and it was filmed on a sunny afternoon in Kemp Town, Brighton, and Hove. We are currently in promising talks with a charity that’s close to our hearts and some music industry big wigs about making a proper recording in a studio and re-shooting the video so we can flog it on iTunes. All proceeds to that good cause, obviously.

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Making a monster Easter egg

Metrodeco's Helen with our giant egg

It’s a chocoholic’s dream.

We’ve just had an enormous Easter egg made for the tea shop – and it could be yours for free!

It’s currently nestled in a corner waiting to be raffled off for charity but you can get a free ticket simply by registering on our website. Don’t worry, we promise not to spam you but we’ll ask you once by email if you want to be informed when we write blogs, make videos or have some interesting news.

Back to the egg – it was hand-crafted, stands at almost a metre tall and weighs as much as a small child.

To make it, chocolatier Holly Caulfield, from Hove-based Chocoholly, poured coat after coat of liquid chocolate into a giant mould which was specially-manufactured. You can see that amazing process on our YouTube video.

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Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen and the mysterious case of the ‘pricey’ sofa

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We had Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen, that doyen of home make-over shows, in the tea shop the other day. Well, sort of. Actually, he

TV 'doyen' Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen

TV 'doyen' Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen

didn’t come in person but sent a crew from his ITV programme ‘House Gift’, who did some filming in our basement furniture showroom as part of a show based in Brighton and Hove. We barely noticed them – they were back up the stairs so quickly I thought they were doing thigh exercises.

I didn’t think about the visit again until I casually switched on the TV one lunch time a couple of weeks later, nearly choking on my hummus and artichoke sandwich as the white washed walls of Metrodeco appeared before my eyes where ITN newscaster Katie Derham had been only moments before. Continue reading

Metrodeco’s first blog – not about Jordan or Peter Andre

Ahem! Hello and welcome to Metrodeco’s first blog. There, I’ve said it…20 long weeks after I first hoped to utter those words. You see, 20 weeks is about the length of time since we opened our art deco tea salon and antiques shop so I suppose you could say it’s taken us a while to get round to this online/blogging shenanigans.

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