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Why Habitat sucks

UPDATE: Habitat’s manager, Matt, just came to Metrodeco in person to apologise and to explain that he’d been having a bad day. He also offered us a permanent trade discount of 20% in recognition that we are regular customers. Matt and Habitat deserve full credit for listening and for being big enough to admit they got it wrong. Matt was very nice and went to great personal lengths to put things right and we respect him for being a really decent human being, not ‘rude’ and ‘inconsiderate’ as we said below.

Looks like Habitat is fostering a culture of listening and people like Matt are at the forefront of this. Well done and sincere thanks to both.



I’ve just spoken to the rudest, most inconsiderate human being in Brighton’s retail sector.

Anyone who knows Metrodeco will know that we are usually only praise-worthy of other businesses – so this blog might give you an idea of how annoyed we are.

Anyway, having visited Habitat, I arrived home to find that the shop assistant had forgotten to put four cups into the bag he had been filling for me as he wrapped my purchases.

We’d been chatting pleasantly and there was a lot of wrapping to be done so he was probably distracted. Easy mistake to make and I certainly wasn’t going to hold it against him.  Besides, all I’d have to do was call the store and ask for the items to be sent to my home. Continue reading