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Foursquare swarm party: the movie

I just know you’re going to enjoy this….we’ve enlisted Robert De Niro, Meg Ryan, Robert Duval, Clarke Gable and others to help us promote this week’s Foursquare Swarm Party at Metrodeco in Brighton.


Foursquare Swarm (August 12): some exciting updates – and a clarification

We’ve had some tweets from people saying the swarm badge already been unlocked in the UK. Yes, we know! But what we are saying is that we don’t think there has ever been a successful dedicated swarm badge party in the UK, where the sole purpose was to unlock the badge.

The badge has only ever been unlocked where there have been people already gathered – like football matches, festivals and conferences. We’ve checked with Foursquare – but please tell us if we’re wrong. So we think it would be special to be the first successful swarm badge party.

And now the updates

  1. Apart from a free glass of bubbly, you will also get a free sing at Brighton’s home of Karaoke, Lucky Voice, if you check in when we attempt the swarm. Details at the Lucky Voice blog.
  2. Foursquare have promised us the network will be working during our attempt so there shouldn’t be any technical problems.
  3. The current invitation suggests a hashtag #BrightonFoursquare4sqflashmob but this seems too long (hat tip @aral). Someone else kindly built the invitation for us – so we can’t change it. But can we please use the shorter hashtag #ukswarm instead?

Finally, this will only work if you invite people to come along to Metrodeco, 38 Upper St James’s Street, Brighton, from 7-8pm on Thursday August 12. So please tell all your friends online and offline.

See you next week!



Foursquare flashmob: be part of history

Right, we’re all set for the second attempt to unlock Foursquare’s elusive Swarm Badge.

I’m sure we all know what this is all about now – but there’s an explanation in our blog about our first attempt if you’re not sure.

The key points are: 

  1. We need 50 people to ‘check in’ within an hour of each other;
  2. There’s never been a successful dedicated swarm party in the UK – there have been swarm badges unlocked where people were already gathered for other reasons (like football matches and conferences) but no actual swarm parties as far as we know – so you have a chance to be a small part of internet history;
  3. It will only work if you invite as many people as you can to come and join in – so please share this blog (here’s a short url you can copy and paste: or use the ‘share’ button above or below)
  4. There’s a free glass of bubbly for the first 50 people to check in.

 Thanks to all those who suggested dates and times that are best all round. We’ve gone with the most popular and so I’m really sorry if you can’t make it.

So, all that remains is for me to plead, beg, beseech and implore you to come along, even if you’re on your way somewhere else or on your way home and you don’t have much time.

The details are as follows:

What: The UK’s first Foursquare flashmob right here in Brighton!

Why: To unlock the elusive Swarm Badge

When: Thursday 12th August, 7pm-8pm

Where: Metrodeco Tea Salon, 38 Upper St James’s Street, Kemp Town, Brighton – view map

Who: If you’re reading this, you’re invited. It will be a great opportunity to meet other social media types or simply to stop by for a cup of tea and a piece of cake.

Foursquare swarm badge to be unlocked in Brighton

The swarm badge is unlocked when 50+ people check-in somewhere at the same time

We’re helping our customers to become among the first in Britain to unlock the highly-coveted ‘swarm badge’ on the latest social-networking phenomenon, Foursquare.

This prize is notoriously hard to unlock and can only be won when 50 or more users check in at the same place all within a short time of one another. This rare event is known around the world as a Foursquare flashmob.

Although there have been several swarm badge parties in the US – and at least one as close as Ireland – we think this could be the first in Britain. Continue reading

Twitter tips for business

Recommended reading - Joel Comm's Twitter Power

We’ve been playing away again!

I mean blogging at other sites, you smutty lot!

This time we wrote about how we’ve used Twitter to grow customers on the Brighton Twitter Social Meet-up blog managed by Wendy Kier

Have a read if you want some tips on:

–          how to involve customers in your business and to use their ideas,

–          how to use Twitpics and other photo services to enhance brand,

–          how to search the Twittersphere to find people who might want to connect with you, and

–          some tips on optimising the appearance of your page


Improve your bottom line with Foursquare

Metrodeco's Helen checks in to Foursquare

We’ve written a guest blog for Brighton-based training provider Silicon Beach Training called How To Use Foursquare for Business.

In it we offer tips for small businesses on how to use the location-based social network, which is growing frighteningly quickly, to attract customers.

If you find this post useful, please come back and read our blog at this site on Brighton’s Tweeting Tea and Coffee Shops.