Our afternoon tea – better than ever


Afternoon tea at Metrodeco in Brighton

We’ve just refreshed our Afternoon Tea.

We’re really proud of what we’re offering because – truthfully – we don’t believe there are many in Brighton that can compete. Hope you agree! Click here to find out more about what’s in it. Don’t forget, you can also buy our tea online!

We’ve also got a new post at our mdtea blog on pregnancy and caffeine.


2 responses to “Our afternoon tea – better than ever

  1. we made a special trip from london for afternoon tea on sunday. The website looks great and we were all looking forward to it. Metrodeco is a fantastic idea, art deco and dogs are allowed, we wanted to enjoy it so much, however it is shabby and the windows need cleaning. the furniture is tired and grubby. The staff apart from one older lady were indifferent. The afternoon tea is £18.00 per head and is pretty poor value, Paris NO!
    Metrodeco is in a petty ugly location looking out onto run down flats.
    A great idea but does not live up to the hype!

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