Why we love rooibos tea

Ready for love

You can now find out about the the health benefits of rooibos tea at our new blog.

So you love your wake-me-up breakfast tea in the morning – and maybe you’ve  tried a spot of green tea, full of anti oxidants for a healthy boost to your immune system.

You may have even given a herbal tea  (or ‘infusions’ as they’re known in the trade) a go. Chamomile blends are just the ticket to wind down for bed and a mint brew is a great choice for an after dinner digestif.

But, like many, you may have always thought ‘rooibos’ (or red bush tea) is just too odd. In fact the description I found on Wikipedia would even put me off for life if I wasn’t already a massive fan.

It describes rooibos  as “a broom-like member of the legume family of plants growing in South African fynbos (shrubland found in the Western Cape)”

But please don’t be put off, you won’t be slurping lentils with your Victoria sponge but a golden brew that is slightly sweet and nutty and just a little bit malty.

It is also great as a bed-time drink as it contains no caffeine. Add to this the health benefits – natural antihistamine and anti-inflammatory properties – and this ruby-coloured drink with its aromatic aftertaste is definitely worth a try.

Which is why we have added two new rooibos teas to our increasingly popular Salome Kick.

Terracotta Sunburst, with vanilla and rhubarb

The first is our Terracotta Sunburst (left), a new rooibos, vanilla and rhubarb tea, which was named by one of our customers.

Our second new blend is a charity tea that will support the Topsy Foundation, which provides relief services to individuals and families affected by HIV/AIDS in South Africa.

For every pouch of Topsy Tea bought (£4.80), we’re giving £1.50 to the charity. We’re also donating 20p for every £2.40 pot purchased in the tea rooms.

Topsy Tea (below) is combination of rooibos and Earl Grey.

Topsy Tea, our charity rooibos

So, if you fancy a change or are already a committed rooibis drinker then come in and try our range. You won’t be disappointed. Better still, if you visit Metrodeco, mention that you’ve read this blog and you will get a free sample of each.


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