Free tea for a year! And the winner is….

Okay the judges are retiring to consider your suggestions for the name of our new vanilla and rhubarb rooibos tea.

As we explained here, the winner will get a free Afternoon Tea for two (worth £28), a gourmet pouch of tea emblazoned with the winning name (worth about £5) and a free pot of that blend whenever they visit Metrodeco in the next year.

There were so many excellent entries, our panel of experts has asked for an extra 24 hours to deliberate.

Don’t be frightened to try and sway their decision in the comments section below!

So – in no particular order – here are the choices:

1. Red Headed Woman by Steph Mann after the film starring 1930s icon Jean Harlow – Steph adds: “The vanilla made me think of her, as she was the original platinum blonde after all!”

2. Gold Dust by Sandra Duquenne from the 1931 film ‘Gold Dust Gertie – Sandra adds: “Gold dust also refers to South Africa (rooibos tea), dust is like the dry ground in Africa and gold is reminiscent of vanilla.”

3. Continental Twist by Robin Houghton, which she says conveys the eclectic mix of the three main ingredients and invokes the ‘Continental’, Fred Astaire’s 1930s dance.

4. The Great Gatsby, also by Robin because it was written in the 1930s (by F. Scott Fitzgerald)

5. Rooibos and Custard, by Michelle Stonehill and inspired by the ‘Roobarb and Custard’ BBC cartoon

6. Roobarb’s Delight, also by Michelle for the same reason

7. Rhunilla’s come here Rooibos (can you get it up?) by Greg Dreyfus

8. Tisane nice brew, also by Greg

9. Rhube/Rooib in a Black Armchair by Rosie Nicchitta after Picasso’s 1930s painting Nude in a Black Armchair

10. The Ghost of Vanilla, also by Rosie

11. Pellissier Silk by Julie Barnett, who says  “silk picks up on the smooth taste of vanilla and the Pellissier Building is one of the most famous examples of art deco in the US.

12. Ring-a-Ding Rooibos by The Brighton Hussey, who says: “I got that from a 1930s jive talking dictionary … it means ‘having a good time’…”

13. The Embassy Tea by TBTHCO after Wells Coates’ Embassy Court.

14. Boil some water! Lots of it! by Nina because it was one of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s collection of tales ‘The Pat Hobby Stories

15. Rhubarb at Nightfall, also by Nina after ‘Rumour at Nightfall’ by Graham Greene

16. Terracotta Sunburst by Mike because terracotta encapsulates the ‘red’ of
redbush and sunburst was a common art deco motif

17. Wedding Belles also by Mike because Metrodeco’s own Helen has just got engaged!

18. Tango Tickle by Ess Kore

19. Candy Girl by Sarah after the song and the fact that candy would be the rhubarb and custard element in reference to vintage sweets.

20. Noel Coward’s Rouge by Justin who says he was “playing about with ideas along the lines of ‘Cowardy Custard’ and so on…”

21. Mackintosh tea by Debbie who adds: “Gorgeous clean lines for a gorgeous clean cuppa”

22. Rhubanilla by Eudalia

23. Red Airport Tea by Vicky Townshend (aka FlyingRoobarb)

24. An Understated Romance by Henry Sayers

25. Fes-tea-val tea by Brighton & Hove Food Festival


6 responses to “Free tea for a year! And the winner is….

  1. Rhubanilla by Eudalia
    Recognising the scientific experiments and technological advances during the 1930’s.

    1930 The first frozen foods by Birdseye were sold in USA.
    1936 Eastman Kodak invented the first colour film Kodachrome.
    1938 The Rhubarb Experiment : The Organic Acids Of Rhubarb (RHEUM HYBRIDUM)*
    1939 Nuclear fission discovered by Otto Hahn, Lise Meitner and Fritz Strassman in 1939.

    Rhubanilla is a compound of Rhubarb and Vanilla
    Rhubarb + Vanilla = Rhubanilla “The exquisite experimental experience”

  2. Vote for the Embassy Tea – 2011 is Embassy Court’s 75th birthday & we will be needing some tea for a pop-up tearoom during the Brighton Festival.

  3. I think, of the two I submitted, my favourite is The Ghost of Vanilla. I’d be tempted by that one myself! 😉

  4. This has been a very difficult decision. We have finally made a choice but we were very tempted to blend more teas so all entries could be winners. Thank you for making it so hard- I actually mean that- it has been very inspiring and educational reading the thoughts behind the names. So we went with a name that has no connection with any names used before, has a deco reference and encompassed the essence of the tea…. does that give anything away? Well as promised the winner will be revealed tomorrow and once again THANK YOU to everyone who took the time and effort to help us name our tea.

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