Help tea shop name new blend and win free tea for a year

How would you like a free Afternoon Tea for two (worth £28) at Brighton’s 1930s tea salon, Metrodeco?

And how about a free gourmet pouch of our newest blend to take home with you afterwards?

In fact – what the heck! – how about a free pot of that blend every time you come to the tea rooms FOR A YEAR?

Sound good? Well read on – and you could have all three.

You see, we’re introducing three new blends to our tea menu to mark the relaunch of our online tea shop, which will see a revamped website and new packaging (more on that later!).

We’ve named two of those blends already and we want your suggestions for the third name.

To get you started, here’s the first of the three, Metrodeco’s first ever de-tox tea, which we’re calling “Liberty Spirit”.

"Liberty Spirit" detox tea

It’s a detox infusion of licorice, peppermint, ginger, dandelion leaf, burdock root and milk thistle.

Our second new blend is a charity tea that will support the Topsy Foundation, which provides relief services to individuals and families affected by HIV/AIDS in South Africa.

For every pouch of Topsy Tea bought (£4.80), we’re giving £1.50 to the charity. We’re also donating 20p for every £2.40 pot purchased in the tea rooms.

Topsy Tea (below) is combination of Rooibos (Afrikaans for ‘Red Bush’) and Earl Grey.

"Topsy Tea"

Which brings me onto ‘the tea with no name’.

Pictured below, it will be Metrodeco’s third Rooibos (including the Topsy mentioned above and the ‘Salome Kick’ already on our menu) and will contain rhubarb and vanilla.

Name this tea and win lots of stuff!

So this is where you come in.

If you clicked the link above to our online tea shop, you’ll have noticed that virtually all of our 20 other blends and single leaf teas all have names associated with the art deco movement or with the 1930s (or both). So we’d like to continue this tradition.

To re-cap, apart from your brilliant suggestion being immortalised forever on our menu, you could win the following if your suggestion is picked above all others:

  • An Afternoon Tea for two worth £28
  • A pouch of the currently unnamed tea (worth around £5) to take home
  • A free pot of that blend whenever you visit Metrodeco in the next year

If you’re on Twitter just hit the ‘retweet’ button below and add your suggestion to the start or the end of the tweet and  ‘@metrodeco’.

Alternatively, you could put your answer (and a contact) in the comments section below.

We’ll announce the winner in a week.

Good luck!


17 responses to “Help tea shop name new blend and win free tea for a year

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  2. How about something that conveys the eclecticism of the mix, (vanilla, rhubarb and Rooibos – 3 continents) – such as ‘Continental Twist’ (the ‘continental’ being that 1930s dance made famous by Fred Astaire)…?

    Other ideas – the Great Gatsby (right period and certainly sophisticated) or
    The Nouveau (with an accent on the word ‘the’ for the French of course – sorry, can’t type it here)

  3. Michelle Stonehill

    My suggestions are
    Rooibos and Custard
    Roobarb’s Delight
    …. obviously the connection is with the Roobarb and custard cartoon characters…what with vanilla and all…

    Happy New Year, lots of love Michelle xx

  4. My suggestion is Pallissier Silk. Silk picks up on the smooth taste of vanilla and the Pallissier Building is one of the most famous examples of art deco in the US. And the name sounds classy which I think complements the other two names you have got for this tea family!

  5. Some F Scott Fitzgerald titles:

    “Boil some water! Lots of it!”

    Or simply, “A New Leaf”

  6. Also, remembering the Graham Greene connection…

    “Rhubarb at Nightfall”

  7. ‘Terracotta Sunburst’. Terracotta encapsulates the ‘red’ of
    redbush, and sunburst was a common art deco motif.

  8. Another suggestion, not art deco related, but in tribute to
    Helen & Michael: ‘Wedding Belles’.

  9. Tango Tickle.

  10. Hiya – my suggestion is Candy Girl.
    After the song you are my candy girl and the fact that candy would be the rhubarb and custard element, thinking of old-fashioned sweets!!

  11. You’ve already got “Graham Green and Chocolate” so how about “Noel Coward’s Rouge”? (I was playing about with ideas along the lines of ‘Cowardy Custard’ and so on…)

  12. Mackintosh tea! Gorgeous clean lines for a gorgeous clean cuppa

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