Foursquare flashmob: let’s try again!

You've got these - but what about the Swarm Badge?

Okay, after a fantastic attempt to unlock the Foursquare swarm badge yesterday, we fell short – we had 30 check-ins and we needed 50.

We’re now looking on this as a ‘dress rehearsal’ and we want to have a another attempt a.s.a.p.

Aral (@aral) and Greg (@GR3GD) both made the excellent point that we didn’t do enough to tap into Brighton’s wealth of ‘geeks’.

We’ve checked with Foursquare and there hasn’t been a successful Swarm Party in the UK before – so if we can pull it off we’d all be genuinely the first to unlock a swarm badge at a dedicated flashmob.

QUESTION: What day/time within the next week or so do you think would be best to have another go (bearing we could only do after 6pm on weekends due to being full with customers).

Please reply on the comments section below and we will announce date/time later today or tomorrow.

Obviously there will be free bubby again.

Thanks again to all those who attended and tweeted (Twitter names below – sorry if I’ve missed you out 🙂 ).


@hannahpw @LHRFLYGUY @Nimmykins @mikelucas1 @aral @gingerbiscuit84 @ luckyvoice @seafrontbloke @uzi_1 @nikkib @tradewaves @electroweb @BrightonNat @richgregory @adam_cant_run @luckyvoice @ Alice_Reeves @bobpinkett @paulruss10 @rattymon @jnsprtr @sing-brighton @necklevine @twago @brightonchoir @clarrisawam @CtheChange @eggboxrobin @foursquare_uk @wiredsussex @glennw @promette @alix_lightfoot @jackymission @kindleresearch @munropaservices @sussexbigfish @webyogi @robshepherd @subtleblade @willmcinnes @SEO_Pirate @Dunkndisorderly @womencoaching @Biz_mechanic @BBLC @mygirlfridaypa @Amelianicholas @caroleanngrant @Alice_Reeves @butriga @EricFriedman @GR3GD @eyejewels @dawn_wylie @sarah_booker @paul_adamson @michael_taggart @cardomecards @greatgreenworld @snowybrighton @munropaservices @hermod_m @RichTracey @Jameshayden @Sinjy @aboutfoursquaremacdan82 @aldm @feathersohollow @BernieJMitchell @reid_ds


15 responses to “Foursquare flashmob: let’s try again!

  1. I love what you’re doing – where are all the geeks?! I assure you, there are loads. I couldn’t make it yesterday because I was coming back from London – maybe 6 was a little early? What does everyone else think to the time? I reckon a Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday would work best.

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  3. Anytime after 6:30pm druirng the week is good for me 🙂

  4. Week days are quite good. The Brighton Farm freelancers meet on Wed evenings but not until 8pm so they could still make it.

    I didn’t come because I didn’t have enough notice. You needed a bigger Twitter lead-up I think. I’ll come to the next one though!

  5. I’d say 7-8 on a weekday, Wednesday or Thursday in a week or two would probably be best!

  6. personally i would prefer weekend as i dont drive and work in shoreham til 5 mon-fri, so i wasnt able to make the last one. after 6 would be great

  7. Hey, great first attempt and better luck with round two!
    If you want a lot of geeks/ new media kids I’d suggest you avoid Wednesday’s. it’s probably best you check our calender to see when there is a free day, also add the details here are we are well connected in the digital community
    In the run up, you could put links to foursquare apps for andriod/ iphone/ blackberry etc on your blog or with any message about the swarm attempt, to make it easier for those who aren’t already using it to get involved.


  8. Wouldn’t it be an idea to do it during Pride week where there’s so many more people in Brighton?
    Or even on the Sunday – there would be tons of people in St James St for the village party and from there it’s only a 3min walk to yours.

    I also think it’d generally be good to plan it further in advance. This one was rather short notice.

  9. A bit later would be good – one friend couldn’t get away till 8 because of kids others commuting etc. The Lucky Voice thing was a great idea for after, although I didn’t actually go as hadn’t had time to drum up a few fellow songsters…

  10. After 7 during the week and after Pride week!!!

  11. After Pride week and after 7 Tue to Thurs

  12. Thurs evening 6pm-7pm please!!! That’s the only day I’m free. Love Metrodeco!!!

  13. Tristan bailey

    I’m happy with any 6-7 time exept Thursday. My checking on Wednesday @tristanbailey seems to have gone unlisted though 😉

  14. A little time to get organised would be good, and weekdays are better than weekends for me, but pwetty pwease can it not be between 12-19 Aug as I’m not here!


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