Do you want more Google Juice?

Are you a blogger, web-based retailer, or just a self-publicist? In fact, do you have any reason at all to want more people to visit your website?

Then let’s work together to build traffic by exchanging links to our web pages.

It couldn’t be simpler – just follow these three steps:

1. Post your name and/or business’s name as a comment below this post, with your website address, a contact and maybe indicate what type of businesses you’d like to swap links with;

2. Look at the other comments on this page and if you like the look of one, contact the author privately and offer to exchange links;

3. If they agree, put a link to their web page in the links section of your own and wait for them to do the same;

4. Reap the rewards of improved relations with fellow businesses, an improved Google ranking and – who knows? – riches and fame beyond your wildest dreams.

If you’re worried about the idea of promoting rivals – don’t. You only have to exchange links with those businesses you want to partner.

If you’re worried other businesses won’t stick to the arrangement – don’t. All you have to do if you’re unhappy with a link swap is end the agreement and remove the other business’s link from your page.

Finally, if you think there’s a better way of doing this, let me know.

In the mean time, feel free to offer us a link exchange. We’re open to all offers 🙂

Metrodeco Tea Salon


4 responses to “Do you want more Google Juice?

  1. Hi, great idea! We’re The Dressmaker and we make stunning dresses. Anyone who wants swap links with us, please contact through the website.

  2. Yes please!

    Email me if you want to exchange links with a good sturdy, Bristol-based pie shop.

    Only looking for swaps with people in the catering industry.

  3. Yes please looking for swaps to unique niche businesses in LGBT arena and also images to license from local artists

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