The kettle that tweets!?!

People joke that their computers are so good the only thing they can’t do is make a cup of tea. Well, as if to prove that we now live in a topsy-turvy, crazy world, some mad scientists have come up with….no, not a computer that boils water and knocks together a warming brew – but the reverse: a kettle that tweets.

Yes, you read that right A KETTLE THAT TWEETS. It’s just an idea at the moment (news story here at Gadget Republic). But has been designed and is being heavily promoted ahead of a likely product launch. It will work by connecting to the local wi-fi network and automatically tweeting when it has boiled, meaning the thirsty operator can go off and do something else for a few minutes once he or she has filled it and hit ‘go’.

The designers say it could also do some other ‘fun stuff’ like tweet the energy usage and tea/coffee drinking statistics. You could even make it boil remotely.

Our verdict? As anyone who follows us on Twitter knows, we love tea and we love tweeting. But if you’re waiting for the bubbles and steam, isn’t it easier just to hang around near the kettle and have a natter with your workmate/cat/imaginary friend for three minutes than to check your Twitterfeed?

Is this really where we’re heading? Is this how we’re going to start making our tea? I think a cup of something a little stronger is in order.


One response to “The kettle that tweets!?!

  1. what a kettle. sound nice

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