Protest for dog rights

Metrodeco's Helen Wilkinson (left) and Maggie Morgan (middle) rouse the troops before today's march

Wow, what a turn out!

We reckon 30-40 dogs brought their owners on our demonstration for canine rights on Brighton seafront today. Watch our short YouTube film of the event here.

This fantastic turn-out says one thing to me – people in this city really do care about their pets being treated like outcasts.

In fact, I’d bet most of the 50,000 dog owners in Brighton & Hove would say people who shun dogs in their bars and cafes are barking up the wrong tree entirely.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: a city that is not dog-friendly is closing its door in the faces of thousands of potential tourists bringing in millions of pounds just at the point when Brighton ’s visitor economy badly needs investment.

As it stands, pooches and their owners are treated as outcasts across the city in parks, on beaches, in historic squares and in public buildings. This has made us one of the most ‘dog-unfriendly’ of all the world’s great destinations. We’re calling on the business community to join us and make a stand against this self-defeating policy.

We want to see less finger-wagging and more tails wagging in our cafes, bars and restaurants.

Here’s some pictures from today’s march – thanks to all who came along – and if you’re taking your dog on holiday, here’s a great blog we’ve found about the best dog-friendly accommodation in the UK.

"Who'll let the dogs in?" - demonstrators gather at Metrodeco

Metrodeco regular Gareth Marshallsea takes to four wheels, instead of two (or four!) legs.

A photo call at the half way point

Descending the steps from Marine Parade

At the Madeira Lift just before the off.


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