Easter march for dog rights

Ever wandered into a cafe with your beloved four-legged friend – only to be met by tutting and barely-concealed disapproval?

Unfortunately, that has been the experience of many visitors and residents in Brighton and Hove because some businesses are needlessly intolerant of dogs.

Often, it’s just based on the false presumption that they will somehow be unhygienic and poorly-behaved, when the vast majority are not. We’ve admitted dogs at Metrodeco since we opened a year ago and never had cause to ask an owner to take his or her pet outside.

But it’s not just unfair – the real damage is that dog-owners from from other towns and cities will eventually consider this to be a city that is UN-FRIENDLY to dogs. And that’s bad for tourism.

So we’re making a stand by holding a march to highlight the issue.

We’re expecting more than 30 banner-waving dog-lovers and their pets to march with us tomorrow to support canine rights in Brighton and Hove.

Pooches of all shapes and sizes will don Easter bonnets and parade along the seafront from the Madeira lift on Marine Parade from 11am. We hope that by doing this, anyone who notices might have a think about the issue – and we hope they’ll agree that a more welcoming attitude is needed.

Not only would this be good for the economy at a time when we are recovering from recession. And it would be fairer on the vast majority of dogs-owners who are respectful of others and whose pets are perfectly well-behaved.

We hope you’ll be able to join us – or to offer your moral support.

In the meantime, here’s a great link to Dog Friendly Brighton, which lists businesses who are welcoming to dogs, like the Forager pub and the Avalon guesthouse.

MEDIA DETAILS:WHERE/WHEN? The parade begins at 11am at the Madeira Lift on Marine Parade on Easter Monday (5th April).

WHAT? The dogs – including pugs, poodles, terriers and spaniels– will be dressed in Easter bonnets and will parade the 10 minute route to Metrodeco via Charlotte Street before celebrating with tea and cakes.

WHY? With dogs banned from many of the city’s bars, cafes and public areas, business partners Helen Wilkinson and Maggie Morgan want Metrodeco to be at the forefront of a more welcoming approach to Man’s Best Friend.

MEDIA OPPORTUNITIES: Maggie will be available for interview before, during and after the event. There will be numerous excellent picture/filming opportunities during the parade. Afterwards dogs will be served at their tables, which will be laid out with upmarket dog bowls and napkins.

CONTACT: To attend or arrange interviews, please call Maggie Morgan on 07878 508719 or her business partner Helen Wilkinson on 07956 978115.


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