Making a monster Easter egg

Metrodeco's Helen with our giant egg

It’s a chocoholic’s dream.

We’ve just had an enormous Easter egg made for the tea shop – and it could be yours for free!

It’s currently nestled in a corner waiting to be raffled off for charity but you can get a free ticket simply by registering on our website. Don’t worry, we promise not to spam you but we’ll ask you once by email if you want to be informed when we write blogs, make videos or have some interesting news.

Back to the egg – it was hand-crafted, stands at almost a metre tall and weighs as much as a small child.

To make it, chocolatier Holly Caulfield, from Hove-based Chocoholly, poured coat after coat of liquid chocolate into a giant mould which was specially-manufactured. You can see that amazing process on our YouTube video.

Holly is a contemporary artist whose passion for chocolate took hold after seeing the film Chocolat. From that moment she went on a quest to discover the secrets behind the best and most delicious chocolate in the world. And judging by the egg she’s made for us, I think she might be close.

Dozens of chocolate-lovers have already flocked to Metrodeco in the hope of winning the huge edible structure when it is raffled off at the shop on Easter Monday.

We’re hoping to sell at least 300 tickets at £1 each and we’re planning to give the profits to The Argus Appeal.

It’s proving to be a huge attraction in more ways than one. Some people have told us they want to give the egg to children’s charities if they win it so it could be a double boost for good causes locally.

Holly told us: “This is the biggest chocolate structure I have made and I’ve been doing this for years. It took 12 hours to make and I’m sure it will take even longer to eat.”


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