Our art deco dilemma

HELP!!!! There are antiques lovers all over our immediate vicinity and beyond who simply don’t realise we sell beautiful art deco and 20th century furniture immediately below the tea and cakes (ie downstairs).

Some of them probably even visit the shop regularly for a hot drink and a read of the papers.

So we’ve made this short film, which we hope will show off our wares while providing some soothing, yet uplifting, background music.

We’re writing this to ask for your help. We’re having a think about how we can solve the problem of telling people exactly what we do (is it the signage? …maybe the layout?) and we’d be very grateful for suggestions after you’ve watched the film. You can comment below this blog or by contacting us through our website. Anyway, if you like 1930s, 40s and 50s furniture and small items please take a peek – it’s less than four minutes long!

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