7 responses to “Does it ad up? A guide to Brighton’s advertising industry

  1. what about the duke of york’s programme? It’s requested by customers & delivered direct to their door & is referred to for the whole month… then there’s the thousands that are picked up around town which are left in bars, cafes, hotels etc… *exactly* your target market customer, no?

  2. Hear hear nikkib
    The Duke of York’s Programme is delivered directly to our nearly 6000 members, and is distributed freely across the Brighton area (40,000 copies per issue). Plus we distrbite it at the cinema…its one of the most widely read publications in town.
    Our rates are about £700 per full page and that lasts a whole two months!

  3. Thanks for download link!!!
    Happy 2010

  4. Amusing and helpful. Excellent article. Will pass on to my clients looking to attract a local audience.

    Many thanks

    • Hi Carol,

      Thanks – that’s really kind. We did loads of research when we were thinking about advertising and I thought it was a waste not to pass it on. Would be really pleased if you had a use for the info!


  5. This is great – thanks. For me the only ommission is the Brighton festival fringe guide – with a circulation of 135,000 copies it stands up pretty well against the titles mentioned.
    Thanks again

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